Laser Dentistry

laser dentistry

Laser dentistry is now available in Marin County. Laser dentistry is a proven, precise, and effective way to perform many dental procedures. The bladeless technology uses a high-energy laser light beam and allows us to treat a very specific area of your mouth without impacting surrounding tissues or teeth. Laser dentistry also allows us to provide more comfortable and convenient forms of dental treatment.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

Laser dentistry involves the use of a special dental laser, a high technology device that generates a beam of concentrated light, and offers many benefits over traditional procedures. Dental lasers are also low powered, which is essential for treating the delicate tissues of the mouth. An added benefit, the controlled heat and light up of the laser destroys many bacteria and viruses found in the mouth.

As the laser excises unwanted tissue, it also sterilizes the area and seals off blood vessels, minimizing the chances of infection and post-operative bleeding. In many instances, the need for local anesthetic is eliminated, resulting in more comfort for the patient during and after a laser dentistry procedure.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are many potential benefits of laser dentistry, including:

  • Faster healing: Wounds heal faster and tissues can be regenerated
  • Reduced risk of infection: Bacterial infections are minimized because the laser beam sterilizes the treated area
  • Less bleeding and pain: Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding and blood loss because the laser beam aids in the clotting coagulation of exposed blood vessel
  • No more needles or injections: The best performing dental lasers can be used to perform almost all common cavity preparation procedures without the need for anesthesia. In other words, no more needles or injections!
  • Decreased sensitivity and numbness: If you’re like many people, you feel anxious from physiological reactions to commonly used anesthetics. A high performance dental laser eliminates this fear of numbness.
  • No drill noise or vibration: High speed handpiece cavity preparation involves significant objectionable noise and vibration. The sound of a laser is near silent and no vibration is transmitted, as the tip of the laser never even needs to contact the tooth!
  • Preservation of healthy tooth structure: In general, cavity preparations performed with lasers preserve more healthy tooth structure, while avoiding the micro-cracking of healthy enamel associated with dental handpiece use.
  • Better overall care: With laser technology, you are getting the very best, state of the art care possible.