New Software Missive

Dear Friends and Valued Patients,

My staff and I are pleased to inform you that we will be taking the next step in bringing you the highest level of service and quality. First and foremost we will be using digital dental x-rays to help provide us with better diagnostic images. There are many advantages of digital dental x-rays:

They will provide us with better diagnostic images to give us a better visualization of dental problems. We can get an immediate viewing of the imaged area with significantly less radiation (up to 70-80%). With these images, we can send them digitally to most insurance companies so your claims can be processed faster. Since no processing chemicals or films are needed to view the images, they are environmentally friendly.

Secondly, we will be switching to a new dental practice management software. This will help us streamline the administrative tasks and simplify the workflow. With these processes, we can also automate our records management and have better and more efficient access to them while maintaining a higher degree of privacy and safeguarding of your information.

You may notice you are getting confirmation emails from different sources and they may be pertaining to appointments that you may have changed to another time and day. If you are not sure please call our office so we can verify the correct appointment. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please bear with us while we work as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth transition during the next couple of months. We hope that these changes will continue to provide you with the quality and efficiency of care you deserve.

Dr. Yee & Staff